Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My creative side

I have been wanting to do an "art" project for Owen's room for some time now. I decided to go ahead and buy the letters of his name and some cute sports balls to put on them. I had some extra paint from when I painted his dresser... so it worked out perfectly! Here's a couple photos of the new stuff!

I think it turned out pretty good...

He started jumping on his bed...

He's such a ham!

I also got this cute sign that I hung above his closet... it matches everything so perfectly!


Just crazy Owen... jumping on his bed.


Josh and Danielle said...

your child is a monkey! i love watching him jump on the bed! ha!

Nicole said...

What super cute little boy!! He is darling!! I do remember you and thanks so much for your kind words! I think they are cute, but I am btheir mommy so I suppose I should feel that way! Your letters turned out wonderful! WTG : )