Saturday, November 8, 2008

Owen's Party

The evening of Owen's birthday, we had a small party for him. My mom, my sister Danielle, Josh, Derek's parents and sister, my friend Stephanie and her two kids Shea and Savannah came for some pizza, cake and ice cream. It was so nice to have just a small party this year... last years had over 50 people and it was cramped, loud and just too much. So, this year I decided just grand parents, aunts/uncles and church family (Stephanie's family is considered family to us!).
Before the party, Owen and I headed up to PetsMart to pick up a fishy for his birthday present. We got all the fixin's for the fish and picked out a orange and white goldfish. He got to carry the fish out of the store and while we were driving. This is how the drive went:
Owen: Mommy?!
Me: What?
Owen: Thank You!!!
This continued over and over again until we went to pick up his cake. My high school friend Reka makes cakes and I was very impressed by her work on myspace that I knew I wanted her to make Owen's cake this year. I gave her an idea that Owen likes to go fishing and his favorite movie is Finding Nemo... she took off with it and came up with an awesome cake! So, after we picked up the cake, Owen wanted to carry the cake and that wasn't going to happen! He cried and cried... he kept saying "Happy!!!" which is what he calls cake haha!
Here are a few photos of the night... Owen named his fish "orange" (he's learning his colors... can you tell?!) And I kinda ruined the cake before the party started...

The cake after I dropped the boy into the "water" and his arm fell off...

Owen got embarassed when we were singing to him and burried himself in me... it was too sweet!

Then, it as present time... Owen was all about it until after the first present was opened. He lost interest and wanted to play with the new toy. Miss Savannah was there to help me out though!

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