Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little dinnertime drumming

Owen usually grabs a spoon or a fork while I'm making dinner... I guess he's just overly excited to eat, I'm not quite sure why he does it. But tonight I had my back to him and he had climbed up onto a chair and was playing drums on my table. It makes all kinds of different noises because of the different tiles... can be a lot of fun for a 2 year old! Then I started thinking... he's always loved to drum. He has a small drum where the drumsticks are attached and he also has an actual drum set (that has gotten a bit destroyed from him), but he's always loved drums. He has a new favorite song that he requests when we get into my car, Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene". He gets so excited and says "Drums Mommy! Do you hear it?!" it's so cute! Looks like we may have the next Steven Adler* on our hands... without the drug problem though! haha!

*For those of you who don't know who Steven Adler is... he's the original drummer for Guns N Roses... he is awesome!

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