Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halloween Photos... FINALLY!

On Halloween my camera was busted... so I had to rely on my mom to take some photos of Owen in his costume. She just got them to me today, but better late than never... thank you so much Mom!!! He was dressed as a Fisherman... or as he'd say, "a shisherman". So that night we took him to Derek's parent's house so his mom could see him and she could show him off to the neighbors. That was about all the trick or treating he did besides a trip around the YMCA that morning. He did have a hat (that he wouldn't wear) and a fishing pole that was MIA at this point cause he was eating some dinner... So here are some photos!

He was really tired...

he also had a hard time cooperating for this impromtu photo shoot ;]

I look horrible trying to get him to look at Grammy... ugh!

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Josh and Danielle said...

he sure was a cute shisherman!!!